hzjd-2 Transformer Oil tan Delta Tester

cell yIlo' wej-electrode tlham in line with international Hol iec, waH hzjd-2 Insulation oil dielectric loss 'ej Resistivity tester1.the je electrode spacing laH eliminate 2 mm.

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hzjd-2 Insulation oil dielectric loss 'ej Resistivity Tester
1. waH cell lo' wej-electrode tlham in line with international Hol iec, electrode spacing 'angbogh Da stray capacitance 'ej leakage dielectric loss waH ghot'e' laH eliminate 2 mm. equipped apparatus je oil drainage solenoid boch chemvaH Ho'Du' jej, 'ej laH waH cell in case of wej 'oH teq chIm 'oH rinse je waH sample maH.
2. medium Se' induction pid Hat SeH algorithm tuj, adopts jan. 'utmo' Dujvam rut QI'yaH-contact SabtaHbogh waH cell heating lom, heating ngeD tu'lu', nom speed, convenient SeH, 'ej strict SeH 'emvo' Qagh range preset Hat Hat ghaj heating method.
3. internal capacitor Hol sf6 SIp-chaw'nIS wej-electrode capacitance je capacitor dielectric loss vaj electrical capacity tlhab ambient Hat, humidity 'ej 'angbogh latlh Da, vaj 'e' laH ensured jan accuracy vabDot qaSpu'DI' prolong lo'.
4. supply ac-dc-ac conversion lo', effectively fluctuations potlhmo' voltage dielectric loss measurement accuracy 'angbogh Da Se' 'ej webqu'meH nov ac waH HoS. vabDot lIngwI', laH Qap jan properly.
5. Qap pup protection; HeghDI' tu'lu' rIn voltage、over Qu'mey potlh pagh, jenwI'-voltage yopwaH bID circuit, laH nom pe' DoH joH rop 'ej warning QIn wanI'vammo' tlha' jan. HeghDI' noch failure Hat pagh wej rar, warning QIn je wanI'vammo' tlha' jan.
6. tu'lu' Hat medium Se' induction furnace tuj relay vuS. ghorgh Qo'noS Hat wovbe' 120 qechmeyDaj Huj, je QoQ 'IH lIng tuj relay tlhab jan.
7. vI'Iprup convenient lut'e' experimental parameter. Hat setting range 0 ~ 125℃, ac voltage setting range 500 ~ 2200v, dc voltage setting range 0 ~ 500v.
8. yIlo' yIteb-jIHDaq lcd cha', backlight 'ej bey' Huv. friendly interface, simply tlha'wI' prompt chinese HIDjolev, 'el ra', laH automatically waH jan. automatically ngevwI' 'ej waH ghot'e' print. chaq pol, cha' 'ej printed je waH ghot'e' 9.built-neH real-time tlhaq, waH date poH.
10. calibration QaptaHvIS Say' QaD cell. Say' 'eb 'ej So'meH rIp je laH qIlmeH pIj QaD cell capacitance dielectric 'ej loss factor measurement. automatically yemwI' calibration De' 'ej vaj calculation relative permittivity dc resistivity 'ej facilitates ghu'.
voltage supply: ac 220v±10 vatlhvI'
Se' HoS: 50 hz ghap 60 hz ±1 vatlhvI'
'aD range:
electric capacity 5pf ~ 200pf
relative permittivity 1.000 ~ 30.000
0.00001 factor dielectric loss ~ 100
dc Resistivity 2.5mΩ m tI ~ 20tΩ; m
'aD accuracy:
electric capacity ± (1 vatlhvI' 'aD lo'laHghach 0.5pf +).
relative permittivity ±1 vatlhvI' 'aD lo'laHghach
dielectric dissipation factor ± (1 vatlhvI' 'aD lo'laHghach 0.0001 +).
dc Resistivity ±10 vatlhvI' 'aD lo'laHghach
electric capacity 0.01pf
relative capacitivity 0.001
dielectric dissipation factor 0.00001
'aD Hat range: 0 ~ 125℃
Hat measurement Qagh: ±0.5℃
waH Voltage ac(rms): 500 ~ 2200v Continuously adjustable, Se' 50 hz
waH Voltage dc: 0 ~ 500v Continuously adjustable
HoS consumption: 100w
dimensions: 500 × 360 × 420
ngI': 22 Kg
ambient Hat: 0℃ ~ 40℃
relative humidity(rh): < 75 vatlhvI'

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